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The Library of Things is a growing collection of items that complement the Burnham Library’s mission of providing traditional and innovative library resources, programs, and services for lifelong learning to our community.


Nintendo Switch

Available for 1-week checkout

Nintendo Switch Games

MarioKart, Zelda and Mario Party all available for 1-week checkout


Available for 1-week checkout

Wifi Hotspot

Available for 1-week checkout


Available for 1-week checkout

Kindle & Paperwhite

Available for 2-week checkout

Kindle Fires

Available for 2-week checkout


Available for 3-day checkout

Power Banks

Available for 1-week checkout


By appointment

DVD/VCR Player

Available for 1-week checkout

VHS Converter

Available for 1-week checkout

Games and Hobbies


Available for 3-week checkout

Chess and Board Games

Available for 3-week checkout

Pickleball Set

Available for 1-week checkout

Lawn Games

All available for 1-week checkout

Gator Jam


Lawn Darts

Tumbling Towers

And More

Discovery Bags

Themed bags filled with games, books, toys, and more! Available for 2-week checkout

Hiking Day Pack

Filled with everything you need, plus a few books to plan your day! Available for 2-week checkout

Museum Passes

Passes for free or reduced-price admission to a number of cultural institutions. Available for 3-day checkout

Coming soon

Memory Care Kits

Kits are designed to spark memories, create conversation and provide positive, engaging interaction for caregivers and those with cognitive impairment, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and other dementia-related conditions.

Calming Kits

If your child is struggling with sensory processing or regulating their emotions while at the library, try one of our Calming Kits. These kits are designed to create a safe space for your child to work through their feelings.