Current Artist

Photo 1 – “Blooms” oil on canvas. 24×28
Photo 2 – “Plated Blooms” oil on canvas. 20×20

Sue Melz

I Paint Memories

April 23 – May 30

Sue Melz, a lifelong artist and resident of Middlefield, CT,  discovered her passion for painting at a young age, using her siblings’ skin as her initial canvas. Under the guidance of her mentor Terry Oakes Bourret, she honed her skills with oil paints, finding inspiration in coastal landscapes and beach scenes. Sue’s vibrant and nostalgic artwork captures the essence of cherished memories and the beauty of nature. With paintings adorning homes and galleries across the United States, Sue’s upcoming solo show at Burnham Library in Bridgewater, CT, promises to be a captivating celebration of her artistic journey and a testament to her evocative, colorful creations.

For more information on the artist, visit her website at

Upcoming Artist

Summer Glory 12 x 16

Harriet Carew

June 4 – June 28

Here and There, Then and Now features works in oils and oil pastels by Harriet Carew of Washington Depot, CT. The exhibition will be on display during library hours from June 4th through June 28th.

Harriet Carew shares, “Art and Soul is the name of my studio and truly tells you who I am and what I am about. Art has, from early childhood, been a part of my life, like wearing glasses and liking apricots. The inherent beauty of Litchfield County feeds my soul. Paintings, especially landscapes, have been my attempt to capture what nourishes my spirit. Gardens and farms, florals, and still life all flow from that desire to capture the beautiful. I hope my paintings will be a source of pleasure and transport the viewer to their soulful place.”

Cows on Keeler Road 10 x 20